Natallia launched and hosts an Institutional FX: Uncensored Podcast series where she interviews experts in the institutional FX space about all things fintech, financial markets and trading.
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Episode 11: Can you trust FX media and review sites?

Natallia and Andrew Saks, Head of Research at ETX Capital and Founder of Finance Feeds, dive into the details of FX B2B media landscape. They go over the issues that these outlets face, why some of the industry participants are skeptical about reading the news published by companies.

They also go over why Andrew started and sold Finance Feeds, what is the future of FX media, what is his vision of coopetition in the space.
We also talk about WikiFX, a site that scammed many brokers into buying reviews and why brokers bought into this.

Episode 10: What are the M&A activity trends in margin FX sector?

In this episode, Natallia catches up with Demetris Tsingis, founder of  Fincap Advisors, has discussed M&A activity trends in the B2B FX sector.
We talk numbers on recent Playtech sales of Finalto and discuss exit multiples for brokers, fintech and funds.

Episode 9: How to monetize your trading experience with Dave Floyd

Natallia sits down with Dave Floyd, founder of Aspen Capital Group, who succeeded in monetizing his trading experience and created a business out of it. We talk what it takes to launch your own advisory and trading in business in FX and what strategies work.
Dave sheds some light into his research methodology and shared his market outlook. We also touch upon Dave’s view on crypto markets.