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Natallia Hunik joins CubeLogic as Chief Revenue officer

Natallia leaved Advanced Markets Group after more than 6 years and provides her insights about the evolution of the market and her evolving role: 
Exclusive Interview: Natallia Hunik – ‘Mission Accomplished’

Prime brokers is always picky about the type of customers they take on, the collapse of Archegos earlier this year has further inflamed their concerns. While POPs remain a win-win business model for both small brokers and large banks, there’re growing hurdles from the industry. Read what Natallia along with other industry experts had to say.

Natallia Hunik weighs in on where the industry heading while FX vol remains low

Natallia Hunik discusses impact of leverage in crypto trading with Finance Feeds

Natallia talks to the Business Journals about sales enablement tools and ways to implement them

Natallia and Contentworks Agency discuss changes in trading behavior during pandemics 

Natallia talks to Finance Magnates about fund managers return to FX

Natallia provides her commentary to Finance Magnates on Oil prices collapse during global pandemics

Natallia talks to eforex about FX Hedge Funds

Natallia Hunik in eforex about evolving needs of global FX market 

Natallia Hunik speaks to Finance Magnates about Google advertising restriction for several financial asset classes and how this may impact the industry

Natallia shares her thoughts with Industry Spread media outlet on how the industry may change with new ESMA rules in European Union

Natallia Provides her perspective to EuroMoney magazine on Australian Market electrification and ASIC leverage reduction

Two Years after SNB, Natallia provides her thoughts on industry changes

Bots replacing humans in FX Support. A view from within

Natallia Hunik outlines what a broker wants from its Prime of Prime

Natallia Hunik weights in on lead qualification @FinanceFeeds

Natallia Hunik Interview in EuroMoney Magazine

Natallia Hunik holds a workshop at IFXEXPO 2016 in Limassol, Cyprus

Natallia Hunik interview with Financefeeds at IFX Expo 2016 in Hong Kong

FX Industry Movers and Shakers – Financefeeds interviews Natallia Hunik

Mind your liquidity distribution! Margin aggregation, infrastructure and provision of liquidity to white labels high on the agenda for 2016

Round table with Advanced Markets team in Boston

Passing the bucket: Is your PB really sending orders to the market, or does STP stand for Straight to Pocket?

How did astute female leaders in FX rise to success?

Advanced Markets & Fortex Introduce Quick Start Brokerage Solutions for New FX Market Entrants

Advanced Markets Launches CFDs

Natallia Hunik reveals Advanced Markets and Fortex new direction

E Forex – January 2015

Natallia Hunik discusses the major trends and answers some key questions about Prime Brokerage

E Forex April 2014

2014, Seminar at Turkey FX Conference


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2015, Fortex Forges Partnership with GDMFX

2014, Strategic Partnership with Kenmore Design

2014, Strategic News Distribution Partnership with FxStreet

2014, Expanded Product List