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What is Forex VPS and why traders need it?

Forex VPS

Trading via a VPS has become very popular in the retail FX community over the last several years. This article aims to provide a summary of the product and its most common uses, as well as to give a general overview of the advantages of using a VPS.

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How much MT4 Server downtime costs you?

How much MT4 downtime costs

When a broker’s MT4 server is down, regardless of whether it is live or demo, the impact to the business can be more than significant. It’s not all about dollars either. Whilst financial losses can run into millions of dollars per minute for high-level data transaction businesses such as online brokerages and banks, the damage to reputation, customer retention, and overall confidence in a firm, can be much harder to repair. So, what is your reputation worth?

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4 Predictions for FX Year 2016

5 Predictions for FX Year 2016

2015 has now wrapped up, and it is time to reflect on the year passed.
The year of 2015 will be remembered by the FX industry for so many different reasons. In the aftermath of the SNB rate decision, many brokerages had no option but to re-evaluate their business models, their risk management practices and, to tighten their belts.

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Proven Ways FX Brokers Can Master FX connectivity in China

China FX Connectivity Maps

Today many global FX brokers have their sights set on China. It is certainly a land of opportunity, where brokers, regardless of their size, can unlock their growth potential and capture above-average profit margins. It seems the perfect market, doesn’t it? Investors who are hungry for volatility, fast returns and a hassle-free trading environment but the harsh reality is that only a few brokers are able to make it in China.

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MT4 Server Hosting

Why is hosting such an important part of the FX Brokerage business?

NY4 Datacenter

One should never underestimate the importance of platform stability and system “uptime” to an FX brokerage. These are critical aspects of the business that should never be overlooked and it is therefore vital that you make the right choices when considering someone to host your company’s server(s). By entrusting hosting to a third party, you are effectively dependent on that provider’s expertise, reliability and trustworthiness. Remember that, should they fail, every minute of downtime could cost you a considerable amount of money and, perhaps even worse, seriously damage your brand credibility.

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