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Why should B2B companies consider business podcasting in 2022?

Seeing below trending on twitter inspired me to write this article. Joe Rogan podcast Experience has completely disrupted and overtook the legacy media.

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What you need to know about Google ad restriction on FX and CFDs

Google advertising restrictions

What happened?

Major media companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter have been recently releasing the news stating that they will ban various investment products promotions on their platforms.

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What is Forex VPS and why traders need it?

Forex VPS
Trading via a VPS has become very popular in the retail FX community over the last several years. This article aims to provide a summary of the product and its most common uses, as well as to give a general overview of the advantages of using a VPS.
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Next Google Search Change to Transform FX Marketing


It’s no secret that we live in a technological world; a world where mobile has long become the prevalent vehicle for communication and business for all of us. Mobile now dominates the world’s search queries and mobile trading is reported to be responsible for around 30% of all trading at FX brokerages, with even higher percentages in Asia. As the world is adjusts to this new reality, the release of mobile apps, for its products, is now a must for FX brokerages and platform providers alike.

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TOP 5 tech tools for FX Sales professionals

top 5 sales apps
New technology is transforming how we do business in the 21st century, from the way we communicate, to the route we choose when we drive home from work and even the way we check our fridge for the food that we need. In the same way, the tech revolution has significantly changed things for sales professionals and the sales process. It seems that, every day, new platforms emerge that continue to transform the ways in which we communicate with prospects and that, undoubtedly, impact the way we structure our days.
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