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Natallia speaks about the current stressors of the macroeconomic climate at S&P’s Masters of Risk podcast

Masters of Risk podcast

Natalia Hunik sits down with Yashi Yadav of S&P and they discuss the current stressors of the macroeconomic climate, its business impact, and how firms can look to achieve resilience through digital transformation. Listen as they share stories and lessons learned to help build a less risky tomorrow and the in-depth discussion surrounding economic uncertainty and what role that plays on your credit.

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Natallia Hunik takes part in S&P’s Credit & Risk Symposium in NYC

Natallia at S&P Symposium

Natallia participated in an S&P Global Market Intelligence panel with Amynta Group and discussed how risk is manifesting in unexpected ways, creating new vulnerabilities for organizations.
Event has taken place in NYC in April, 2023.

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Why should B2B companies consider business podcasting in 2022?

Seeing below trending on twitter inspired me to write this article. Joe Rogan podcast Experience has completely disrupted and overtook the legacy media.

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Natallia on Traders Horizon podcast

Traders Horizon

Natallia comes to the Traders Horizon podcast to talk to Ricardo Evangelista, CEO of ActiveTrades Europe about the past, present and future of the financial markets.

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Institutional FX: uncensored Podcast Launch

Institutional FX: Uncensored

While FX Market is the largest and the most liquid market in the world, it is also one of the least transparent.
What are some of those well kept industry secrets? How can you access the market in a way that suits your strategy and investment objectives?
How to find institutional providers and FX prime brokers? What are industry’s biggest challenges?
Natallia will look under the hood and attempt to answer many of these and other questions via series of podcasts
where we will be discussing all things institutional FX, fintech and evolution of electronic currency trading.
Tune in to listen to prominent guests and keep up with latest institutional FX trends and news.
You can listen to it here:

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FX Hedge Fund Launch Guide 2020

FX Hedge Fund Launch

Market Forces

As the world is facing global pandemic fears, investors around the world are still scrambling to figure out how to re-distribute their portfolios to minimize losses and diversify their investments.

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Natallia Talks Regulatory Reporting RTS27/RT28 with Finance Feeds in London

Natallia Hunik sits down with Andrew Saks McLeod in London to talk about regulatory reporting in EU

Natallia sits down with Andrew Saks McLeod in London to discuss how FX regulatory landscape is reshaping with implementation of Mifid 2.
The following benefits of RTS27/28 for the brokers are discussed :

– Ability for the retail investors to verify if their broker practices what they preach. Many brokers claim they are sending the flow to the market, whereas in reality they are serving as a counterparty to those trades as demonstrated by their RTS27/28 reports

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RTS27 & RTS28 reports are now available to EU Traders

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Prime of Prime Brokerage – How to Structure Your Brokerage?

Trade execution in OTC derivatives is a burning issue among regulators and clients, as is how to source genuine liquidity. In an interview with Andrew Saks-McLeod, founder and CEO of Finance Feeds, we go into detail on how to make sure this is done to your advantage, and done properly.

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