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Growing through M&A in FX


Planning your exit strategy for your fx brokerage is an important consideration that certainly crosses entrepreneur’s mind several years into the business. As we currently in the consolidation wave across the industry, and topic of M&A in FX has been a popular one behind the close doors, as well as in the media.
In this session, that was held during Finance Magnates London Summit 2018, Natallia Hunik and Demetris Tsingis dive deeper into the topic of Mergers and Acquisitions in the FX industry and talk about  FX brokerage valuation methods and what assets hold the most value, how to improve your company value in the marketplace and what multiples can you expect when selling your brokerage company.

Some recent examples of successful M&A deals and analysis of failures are being presented as well, along with review of
legal and integration hurdles for M&A deals in FX.
Speakers Bio:

Natallia Hunik
Global Head of Sales
Advanced Markets & Fortex
Natallia is a recognized industry leader in the development of international business and creating and leading high performing FX sales teams with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

Demetris Tsingis
Managing Partner
Fincap Advisers
Demetris founded Fincap Advisers in late 2016 as its Managing Partner. He is also currently serving as the Founding President of the Kuwait Cyprus Business Association of the CCCI, is a Fellow of the Cyprus International Institute of Management since 2006 and a lecturer in the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition since 2007.
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